New Book On Microgrids Touts Energy Independence for Homeowners; Encourages Them to “Cut the Cord”

While rooftop solar has only recently had its tipping point, solar + storage in the form of batteries, will be following closely behind.

In a new book by Vincent Battaglia, MBA, “Cut the Cord: How to Achieve Energy Independence by Joining the Solar-Powered Microgrid Revolution”, he examines the evolution of microgrids and explains this very accessible option for homeowners.

“People are ready to be free of energy provider monopolies,” Battaglia explains. “It’s our right to be able to create and use our own power as we see fit. Solar alone is only part of the solution – when you add battery storage to the picture, now you really control your own energy destiny.”

Battaglia founded Renova Solar in 2006 in Southern California and serves as CEO for the $30 million company that was the first in the country to be accredited by NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) and was named the SunPower Residential National Dealer of the Year in 2015. He is also the founder of Mycrogrid, a company focused on providing storage solutions for residential and commercial applications.

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